Relaxing in SoCal 2016 Hit It Big in Carson #relaxinginsocal / W&HM Staff / Carson, CA
At the 2016 Relaxing in SoCal event's new location, Stubhub stadium inside Cal State University, Dominguez Hills.we were seeing a lot of cars, like a lot more than before!
 Even in the past, the cars showed up at the Relaxing in SoCal event were pretty impressive already.  The Alpine Electronics parking lot certainly had its big capacity, but it's filled up in last year for sure.

This  year, the new Stubhub stadium parking space is enough for any car shows we can say.  It's spacious, it's open, and it's nicely congregated by all types of cars and car lovers.

On top of a great time spent in check out some cool cars, we found our cover model Sarah Marie in the car show!  Sarah has been MIA in the modeling world for a good year or two.  Now she is coming back and we are so happy to see her in action!  We totally look forward to seeing her more in the future!!

Relaxing in SoCal Show Cars

Sarah Marie for Cook's

Tawnie Jaclyn for Toyo Tires

Alissa, The Pin Up Model

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