High Octane 2015 Monster Energy AMA SuperCross Anaheim 1 Season Opener

Wheels and Heels Magazine / Anaheim, CA / by Py Pai

This is the first time the magazine official cover the Monster Energy AMA Supercross event on the track side.  The whole event was organized excellently and the fans were totally given the full breath of fun and excitements of this extreme sport.  It was a great sport, great fun, and great time spent, and a great job done!

Here are the breakdowns of the Supercross Anaheim 1, the season opener event.

Supercross Pit Party Area

The event started at 12pm where crowds can attend the pit party area where one would get up and personal to have the highly famed racers to sign your autographs, as well as sample vendors' offerings or enjoy a great Monster Energy drink.

 Supercross Practice Runs

Running in parallel time track, there were practice runs where racers prepare their competitions physically as well as mentally.  This is a "high octane" event as one fan put it.  It also involve risks of injuries and damages.  It's a definitely high stake and high adrenaline competition to watch.

 The Main Event

The main event starts at 6:30pm with an almost full moon hanging in the sky.  The air was crispy and clean, and simmered with bike fuels smell.  That meant actions are about to start.  But before that, Supercross did an excellent job of having Miss SX, Dianna Dahlgren, did an "SX Ed", which is Supercross Education.  This is awesome, as she clearly explained the proceedings of the competitions so that even the novice fans can understand the process and start rooting for their favorite drivers.  This is so important, because we could tell that our neighbor 8-years-old girl could tell her mom what's going on and who's her favorite and what to expect.  This is a great service that is smart and practical.  Many kudos!

 After that, it's the Monster Energy girls T-shirts giveaways.  It certainly stirred a great wave of cheers and shouts for the chance of getting one of them, including the very cute and determined kid with a cowboy hat.  Even though he tried and tried, but failed to gather the attention from the girls.  But no failure for sure, his enthusiasm definitely won many people's heart, and one of the winner of the T-shirt ran over and gave hers to him.  That's such a great moment of the event, even before the competitions start.

We got a chance to talk to one of the audience member how he likes the Supercross.  Hayden explained that the tracks are very narrow with many turns, making it a " high octane " event.  Then he passionately continued talking about how young he started riding bikes and talked about the strategies of doing double or triple jumps on the course.  He relayed stories about how some riders flew off the track and landed on barricades. Just the mere fact that 4 or 5 people may go parallel on the same narrow lane at the same time can make one nervous and excited already. Hayden said that this is much more performance and theatrical, e.g. with fireworks, compared to other motorcrossing sports. He watched many times on TV but this is the first time in person.  We could definitely see the dedication from this cool young man.

The Final Results of Monster Energy AMA Supercross Anaheim 1

(From the official website: http://www.supercrossonline.com/News/RaceRecaps/2015/01/05/1/)

Western Regional 250SX Class Results: Anaheim

Jessy Nelson, Paso Robles, Calif., KTM
Zach Osborne, Chesterfield, S.C., Husqvarna
Tyler Bowers, Corona, Calif., Kawasaki
Justin Hill, Yoncalla, Ore., KTM
Aaron Plessinger, Hamilton, Ohio, Yamaha
Shane McElrath, Canton, N.C., KTM
Cooper Webb, Newport, N.C., Yamaha
Alex Martin, Millville., Minn., Yamaha
Josh Hansen, Elbert, Colo., Kawasaki
Michael Leib, Menifee, Calif., Honda
Western Regional 250SX Class Season Standings

Justin Nelson, Paso Robles, Calif., KTM, 25
Zach Osborne, Chesterfield, S.C., KTM, 22
Tyler Bowers, Corona, Calif., Kawasaki, 20
Justin Hill, Yoncalla, Ore., KTM, 18
Aaron Plessinger, Hamilton, Ohio, Yamaha, 16
Shane McElrath, Canton, N.C., KTM, 15
Cooper Webb, Newport, N.C., Yamaha, 14
Alex Martin, Millville., Minn., Yamaha, 13
Josh Hansen, Elbert, Colo., Kawasaki, 12
Michael Leib, Menifee, Calif., Honda, 11
450SX Class Results: Anaheim

Ken Roczen, Clermont, Fla., Suzuki
Jason Anderson, Edgewood, N.M., Husqvarna
Trey Canard, Edmond, Okla., Honda
Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine, Minn., KTM
Andrew Short, Smithville, Texas, KTM
Justin Barcia, Greenville, Fla., Yamaha
Weston Peick, Menifee, Calif., Yamaha
Broc Tickle, Holly, Mich., Suzuki
Mike Alessi, Hilliard, Fla., Suzuki
Chad Reed, Dade City, Fla., Kawasaki
450SX Class Season Standings

Ken Roczen, Clermont, Fla., Suzuki, 25
Jason Anderson, Edgewood, N.M., Husqvarna, 22
Trey Canard, Edmond, Okla., Honda, 20
Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine, Minn., KTM, 18
Andrew Short, Smithville, Texas, KTM, 16
Justin Barcia, Greenville, Fla., Yamaha,15
Weston Peick, Menifee, Calif., Yamaha, 14
Broc Tickle, Holly, Mich., Suzuki, 13
Mike Alessi, Hilliard, Fla., Suzuki, 12
Chad Reed, Dade City, Fla., Kawasaki, 11

Look forward to More

Since this is the first time we cover the Supercross event, we were somewhat not as well prepared as other event.  One thing, it was cold!  We were so unprepared.  A word to ourselves, bring two extra jackets!!

Overall, this is a great event, very + very well executed.  We highly applaud the great job Supercross has done, and we totally look forward tot he next event, with a much warmer jacket!